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Tranquility Music for a Relaxing Moment

One of the best ways to have a truly healing space in your home, be it flat or house, is to play tranquil music to help you unwind and release the cares of the day’s events.

Whether your sacred space is a small room, with the rest of the dwelling area occupied by spouse and kids, or if you have an entire house or flat to yourself, you owe it to your soul to keep the space tranquil and free of negative energies, and again, music can be the pathway to that tranquility, as music has the power to uplift the energy of an entire room.

One of the best places to find relaxing music to aid your Zen state of mind is The music they have in stock is literally called ‘Tranquility Music,’ with each CD featuring a different artist.

Tranquility Music: Llewellyn

Llewellyn, a musician from Hertfordshire worked with his guiding spirit over the period of a year to create his Native American-inspired CD, complete with Navajo chants, bamboo and redwood flutes as well as rainsticks and drums. Llewellyn pays true and honest homage to the spirit of Native American ways and music, and that is not something that is easily said. If Native American-inspired music helps put your mind into relaxation mode, then this is most definitely the CD for you.

Tranquility Music: Midori

Midori’s “Rainforest” CD has been around a while, and it’s not quite as well-known as some other relaxation CDs, but music is eternal and timeless, and if you love rainforest sounds as well as the music of pan pipes and marimbas, Midori’s album is just the Zen product you need in your sacred space to help your mind truly let go of all that is bothering you. Put this CD in your player, sit back and let the sounds of the rainforest and pan pipes create images in your mind of deep swathes of jungle, brightly coloured birds and beautiful waterfalls spilling into tranquil pools under a warm golden sun.

Because both these CDs are so mentally and emotionally refreshing, you can even put it on in the background while you do light tidying up, to both clean the house as well as your mind. Even if you only purchase one, you will be on your way to a more tranquil, relaxed state of mind and heart.


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