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Massage Time? Choose a Massage & Bath Oil For Your Needs

Life sometimes has a way of throwing us for a loop, and we end up thoroughly stressed out. Our muscles are tense, our nerves are frayed, and it’s all we can do to keep it together, lest we blow up unnecessarily at our loved ones.

Perhaps you’ve been down this road and you don’t want to go there again, so you purposefully schedule in some ‘me time’ for a deep cleanse, energy-wise. Or perhaps you and your partner have decided that it would benefit you both to have some mutual massage time as a way to reconnect in a sensual way after a long, busy day at work.

Whatever your needs might be,’ s online shop is a handy place for you to pick out the massage and bath oil that best suits your situation.

For Down Time

Whether you live in a big city, or a smaller town, chances are you have a job that brings some amount of stress and drama. You can’t always get away in the manner you’d most like to, so what else can you do? Grab some down time for yourself with a massage and bath oil meant for relaxation.

Our collection of ‘Ancient Wisdom’s’ massage oils features just the thing: a blend of lavender, citrus and other relaxing scents to help your mind and nerves unwind. Lavender itself is famous for its calming properties, and citrus brightens your mood. Use during a massage to loosen tense muscles, or place a few drops in a hot steamy bath to allow the scented oil combination to soothe not just your muscles but your psyche.

Pair with a nice hot cup of tea before bed, and you will be glad you chose to look after yourself this way.

For Aching Muscles

Stress isn’t the only thing that makes your muscles ache. Perhaps you’ve been diligent with the effort to get fit, but you’ve overdone it, and your muscles are sore.

You might be tempted to reach for the over-the-counter ‘sports cream,’ but why not try an essential oil blend for massage or bath time? Like the oil blend for relaxation, this blend also includes lavender, but peppermint also plays an important role, as does the refreshing scent of eucalyptus. You’ll definitely want to have someone to use this as a massage oil, as massaging muscles helps to bring oxygen into the blood vessels, reducing pain.

If, of course, you don’t have someone to do this for you, you can always use the blend as a bath oil. Just make sure the water’s hot enough to soothe away the pain.

For Great Skin

You might not realise this, but there are essential oils that help you achieve clear skin, and the blend we have that does this includes tea tree, geranium and grapefruit oils. Tea tree oil is famous for its antiseptic properties, and the scent is invigourating. The geranium and grapefruit oil are also beneficial for this purpose, and grapefruit is a popular citrus scent overall.

Many massage and bath oils that we have in our online shop are geared for pre-bedtime rituals, and you can certainly use this specific ‘Clear Skin’ blend for that purpose. But perhaps you might want to use the tea tree and grapefruit scent combination as a way to wake yourself up after work, before going out with friends for the evening, and your skin will be clean and glowing all at the same time.

Whether you are stressed out, have overworked your muscles or simply want a naturally-scented, invigourating way to achieve a deep cleanse for your skin whilst in the bath, or have another need that essential oils can fill, head over to’s online shop for the massage and bath oil specific to your situation.


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