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Looking To Attract Love? Here Are Some Tips for You

Valentine’s Day is over and gone for another year, but of course, love can blossom any time. This said, it does rather help to have the right energy and attitude. It is difficult to attract love if, for some reason, you are sending out unconscious ‘vibes’ that repel it! Lack of confidence is one such unhappy feeling, and that can stem from all kinds of other negativity, such as general stress and anxiety.

But if you are truly yearning for a special someone, you want to do your best to attract the one that’s right for you. So, you’ve likely tried a few spells, but perhaps to no avail. It may surprise you to know this, but spells require not just focused intention and will, with written lists of specific qualities you want in a mate as a very basic beginning, but it always helps to put yourself in the right emotional frame of mind with positive self-care methods and tools.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • The power of scent. Aromatherapy isn’t just for people who need to relax from general stress. Using specific essential oils in a warmer or burner, with scents such as rose, jasmine or ylang-ylang, not only relaxes you, but puts you in the frame of mind conducive to sending out positive, romantic vibes. If you’d rather use incense or candles, there is that option as well. Even mixing up essential oils in a carrier oil and using them as perfumes can work, especially if you’re sensitive to store-bought colognes, etc
  • Have a relaxing time in the tub. Taking a bath, as opposed to a shower, forces your mind to slow down and unwind, especially if you use romantically scented items like ‘bath bombs.’ Pair a sensuous bath like this with your favourite music (instrumental is always a good choice), add some floral or fruity-scented soap such as rose or watermelon, a few candles (votives or tea lighs are best for preventing fires), and you’ll be in a sensual mood in no time! If, for some reason, you don’t have a tub, then you can perhaps place a few drops of rose or ylang-ylang on the floor of your shower stall. The steam will diffuse the scent quite nicely.
  • Get a massage. There are many reasons massage therapy is so helpful: it reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, and increases circulation. But on a metaphysical level, it also provides mental relaxation, and puts your mind in touch with your body and emotions. This is a helpful practise for people who are always in their heads, over-thinking things and not wanting to deal with emotions much. But dealing with emotions is a part of connecting with someone romantically, as well as physically. Find a massage therapist you trust, who uses essential oils and other complementary methods to bring you into a certain space, helping you feel relaxed and happy about potentially meeting someone new. Having a massage on the day of a first date is a helpful idea as well, especially if you find yourself becoming overly nervous.

So, perhaps you’ve had a look at all the romance and love-centred items in the Zen Spiritual shop but aren’t sure where to start. You can always try the following kit, simply called ‘Bath to Attract Love, Fans and Admirers.’ It contains a powder for attraction, some watermelon-scented bath soap, ylang-ylang incense and room spray, an incense burner, and three silver dinner candles, for when you manage to find and invite a potential love to your place for a delightful candlelight dinner.

This is a kit to try if you’re not initially sure which scents you’ll like best. Once you give the kit a go, you might want to expand to other ideas to play around with and experiment.

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