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Incense Aromas For a Great Environment

So you’ve put together and organised your sacred space. If you have an entire place to yourself, perhaps you view your entire flat or house as sacred and you want to truly give your space the best energy environment possible.

One of the most popular ways to create such a space, either for meditation, yoga or some other practise, is through incense. There are so many different scents out there for different purposes, it can seem a bit challenging to find precisely the right aroma for you and your needs.

Ultimately, however, you will want incense scents to promote relaxation and peace, so that both you and whatever company you bring into your environment can truly feel calm and even-tempered.

Some potential aromas for your consideration are:

1) ‘Namaste’ Incense. This scent, as the name suggests, is perfect for setting the mood for meditation and gentle yoga poses.

2) ‘Rose’ Incense. An aroma that calms the mind, and helps you be in touch with Mother Mary, or other representatives of calm, even motherly feminine energy.

3) ‘Incense of Persian Roses.’ A unique scent, this aroma helps relax the mind and puts you into a mode for meditation or ceremony, depending on your aims.

4) Sandalwood Incense. This is a classic incense aroma for meditation and other practises. Just burning it on its own with no specific spiritual intent other than to be relaxed and at peace is beneficial.

5) Sia ‘Anti-Stress’ Incense. An incense that does precisely what it says on the box: it promotes stress reduction and relaxation.

6) Stamford Lavender Incense. Lavender is one of the most popular ways you can achieve relaxation and reduce any anxiety you might be feeling. It creates a feel of calm that people will sense when coming into your living area.

These are just some possibilities. All these Zen products are available at, plus there are others that perhaps didn’t make the list, but might relax you anyway, depending on your personal taste, and what you’re willing to experiment with.

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